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Kids Karate Program

We all know that physical activity is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. Having the motivation to go out and be active however, can sometimes be hard to find. T.V., the internet, and videogames can distract us from living the active lifestyles we should. Children can be even harder to motivate because they have a natural curiosity for technology and anything new.

We here at Metrowest martial arts and wellness center understand that if you want to have kids today be physically active then you have to make them enjoy it. Our primary goal, in our Westborough Karate classes for kids, is for the child to want to come to the next class.

Empower Your Children with Life Long Lasting Skills!

Children Programs

Tots Karate Classes

Karate for Children at MetroWest Martial Arts is the best place in Westboro to develop your child's self-confidence, self-discipline and respect!



Get in shape and also get the benefits of learning self-defense in this fast-paced, dynamic workout taught by our instructors. No need for a high level of fitness

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Classes

If your interest is in programs with an emphasis in body relaxation to prevent stress and tension to develop into permanent conditions, then Tai Chi…

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